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Kids Kickboxing

Confidence, Discipline


The skills acquired in kickboxing classes will give children tools that will benefit all aspects of their lives. Our kickboxing class teaches a range of kickboxing skills and techniques from basic to advanced including proper stance, guards, fighter movement, crosses, hooks, jabs and kicks. Strength and endurance are sure to improve, and classes will include a wide variety of core strength, total fitness, mobility, and other exercises.

Kickboxing classes help develop athletic skills, along with social and personal skills. During our classes, we challenge your child with positive and achievable goals. 

Each step they make through our internationally approved syllabus will help build an internal endurance. This will not only have positive effects on their school and home life but also help them into their adult lives.

See your child holding their head high as they develop new skills and confidence through the use of self-defence drills and strengthening exercises. As their confidence grows, so will their self-belief and self-worth, which in turn builds them stronger. 

The goal of achieving a Black Belt can only be done by their own hard work and achievement.